Our view is that Africa needs uncorrupted entrepreneurs and companies as they are the engine of development that contribute to better living conditions for many. These companies need exposure, knowledge, networks and capital for further development.

Naventure Nordic AB was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary to the African investment company Naventure Ltd. This was the logical next step after many years of work with development of small enterprises in Africa.

The African company Naventure Ltd is owned by the Christian organization The Navigators Africa. They have developed entrepreneurs and enterprises since 1990 through investment funds and entrepreneurship training in several countries in Africa. More than thousands of participants have completed the training and many companies have been formed, become profitable and grow while they consciously contribute to a positive development of the society. Naventure Ltd was formed from the network belonging to ‘The Navigators Africa’ to provide business opportunities on sound ethical basis to invest in a selection of these companies.

Naventure Nordic AB was founded to offer the Nordic market an equal opportunity to make profitable investments while contributing to positive development of African societies.

Unfortunately, Swedish banks never accepted the African ownership of Naventure Nordic and made it difficult for us with necessary banking services, therefore Naventure Nordic was restructured during 2016 and today has 10 Swedish shareholders.