Naventure Nordic offers

  • Direct investments into an African company. Minimum amount: 10000 SEK
  • Cooperation between Swedish and African companies: new markets, networking and company development
  • Possibility to contribute with knowledge, experience and networking to develop sustainable businesses.
  • Investment Travel with various company visits in Africa, contact us for more details
  • Training courses such as Next stop Africa (three days of preparation for investing in Africa)
  • Coaching in company development, sustainability and strategic development.
  • (Coming later when we have increased our volume: Invest into Naventure’s portfolio with good return. Minimum amount: 10000 SEK)

Our mission is to lower the threshold for companies and individuals to establish business contacts with Africa, and with knowledge, experience and financial resources to contribute to national sustainable enterprise development in Africa.

We minimize the risk for investors by presenting reliable partners, where we have experience in the personal and business performance, which is the basis for confidence in the manager and the company. By investing with Naventure you have the opportunity to participate and influence the African market in a sustainable direction.

Other information

  • Investments are based on commercial assessments, where good relationships and gained trust is a prerequisite
  • All investment decisions are taken by an investment committee of at least three people

Risks to consider as investor

  • Financial risk means that the individual company invested in not developing according to plan. To reduce the risk made careful examination of the owner and the financial performance of the company.
  • Financial risks include market fluctuations, interest rate and currency developments. The financial risk is different in each country.
  • Political risk in each country. In Africa, most countries are relatively young democracies. In most countries, democracy has evolved in a very positive way and led to some of the world’s fastest growing example. You need to be aware of how the political situation in the various countries and make an assessment.
  • Cultural risk is perhaps the most severe described, and perhaps also the most important. We come from different cultural backgrounds and our worldviews are different. Therefore it is important that deep relationship is built and that takes time. With growing insights and when understanding the underlying causes of a certain course of action, it reduces the cultural risks which manifests itself in confusion, frustration and disappointment

A selection of projects financed by the Navigators Africa, Naventure Ltd and Naventure Nordic AB

  • 2010, financing Timothy Mahinda’s conference center Lukenya Getaway in a suburb of Nairobi. The conference center is profitable and expands further. See
  • 2011 a pilot project was started with five Swedish investors who invested in M ​​& D Homes in Nairobi. See
  • 2012 started a joint venture M & D Construction, owned by Mattias Building in Tranas, see and M & D Homes in Nairobi. From October 2012, this is also a project for skills development in construction and business development with support from Swedfund / Swedpartnership.
  • 2013 Mercy Mahiainis business Projector Solutions funded new conference equipment with the help of a Swedish investor. See
  • 2015 MIGS Global Heritage largely funded by a number of people in Sweden by Naventure for the purchase of greenhouses and equipment, see MIGS Global Heritage Ltd.
  • See our other projects financed through Naventure Nordic