Are you interested to invest in a particular company that Naventure Nordic AB is looking for financiers to? It is possible to invest 10,000 SEK or more.

It is done according to this procedure:

  1. You contact us by email or phone as shown below. Note, if you prefer that the promissory note is sent per post mail or as an encrypted document into an e-mail where we provide the password to unlock the document seperately, we can do so, just tell us.
  2. You let us know which company you want to invest in and the amount you intend. We also need to have your social security number, your address, telephone number and banking information (clearing number and account number or BIC and IBAN) for future payment of interest and payments of principal.
  3. We will send you a proposal for promissory note between you and the borrower in Africa, as well as information about what account number you shall deposit the money in. Exemple of promissory note
  4. You agree to the promissory note and transfer the funds.
  5. We will send you the promissory note.
  6. When interest and principal payments are paid to Naventure Nordic AB’s account we forward the money to your account as soon as possible less the Naventure Nordic AB’s fee.

What does Naventure Nordic AB and how much does it cost?

For each investment Naventure Nordic AB offers there has been a process to ensure that the company is a company with good social and environmental responsibility and has a good potential to be profitable with an ability to pay interest and repay the loans. Naventure also negotiates conditions that ensures that the financial risks will be as low as possible and that there is adequate security. We also provide that transactions be coordinated with other investments so that transaction costs  are held as low as possible in each direction.

The fee for Naventure’s administration cost is typically 20% of the interest repaid by the borrower, the details can be found in the promissory note for the investment case.

Example: For a loan of  100,000 SEK to a company in Africa with 10 percent annual interest rate, the annual interest is 10,000 SEK of which 2000 SEK will be the fee to Naventure Nordic AB.