Good relationships and trust are essential for successful business within Naventure. In the spring of 2018, a new law was introduced regarding how companies and organizations manage and store personal data have changed and below is information about how this affects you and Naventure.
The law is commonly known as GDPR.

Collection and storage of data
Naventure Nordic collects and stores information about you when you express interest in our business and sign up for our newsletter and we will save your email address. In case you want to invest in a project, we request additional data that is needed for the investment. This information is saved for us to handle the investment transactions for e.g. repayments.

Regarding the dissemination of information
Naventure Nordic does not share any information we have saved about you with any of our African partners or any other organization, your information is only used for our business. Naventure Nordic only keeps your data as long as it is necessary to provide you with the services our business provides, such as information about our business, news about investment opportunities and updates about your investments. When these services are no longer used, ie. When an investment ends, your data will be deleted.

Changing / deleting information
You are entitled to ask us what information we store about you by contacting us, you can modify or update the information you provided and request that your information to be permanently deleted.