Investment in the enterprise portfolio

Naventure Nordic AB offers to invest in a portfolio of companies. This means that the Naventure Nordic borrows money from you which then can be used to invest in several different companies. The advantage for you is that the financial risk is lower because it is distributed between several companies in different sectors and in different countries in Africa. We currently offer an annual interest rate of 6 per cent in 2015-2016. The interest rate for the following calendar year will be announced in December each year. The loan is for three years and is thereafter extended automatically for one year at a time if you do not notify you want the money to be paid back.

This is the procedure:

  1. You contact us by email or phone as shown below.
  2. You state that you want to invest in the company portfolio and the amount you want (minimum 10,000 SEK). We also need to have your social security number, your address, telephone number and banking information (clearing number and account number) for future payment of interest and repayment.
  3. We will send you a proposal on the promissory note between you and Naventure Nordic AB, as well as information on what account number you shall deposit the money in.
  4. You agree to the promissory note and deposit the funds.
  5. We send the promissory note to you.
  6. The interest will be paid no later than 31 January of each year (starting in 2017)