Fynn and Associates is a diagnostic radiology service provider offering general x-ray, ultrasound, fluoroscopy and mammogram services.

The mission of Fynn & Associates is to provide the best radiology and medical imaging services in a comfortable and reassuring environment using best practices and state of the art facilities.

The main revenue streams derive from medical aid and insurance (65%), private patients mainly from Angola (30%) and from corporate clients (5%)

The immediate objective is to acquire a mammogram and a fluoroscopy machine to expand service offering. Over the next 12 months, the company intends to increase customer base by at least 10-15% and in 36 months’ time to a stable 20-25% increase in customer base.

Radiology services are currently in high demand across Africa, especially in Southern Africa. Namibia is currently underserved in terms of diagnostic medical imaging services. The country has less than 200 radiographers and radiologist servicing a population of more than 2 million people and there are people from neighboring countries also coming to Namibia for these services.

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Read more about Fynn Associates in the document that opens when you press the link below:
Fynn and Associates presentation
The document covers the following subjects:

  • Company presentation
  • Vision/Mission
  • Main revenue streams
  • 12- ­36 months objectives
  • How does your business contribute to a flourishing local community?
  • Financial performance
  • Risk Analysis
  • Details of the loan

Details of the loan

Minimum investment amount: 10000 SEK per investor

Total amount of requested loan: 487000 SEK

Target payback time: 3 years

Sign-up time-fram for investment: Dec 2015

Target annual interest rate: 9% (12% from Fynn & Associates and thereof 25% is kept by Naventure Nordic 20% as administration fee)

Reasons for applying for a loan: Acquisition of used radiology equipment from Danish hospital.