Vegetables farm under development

MIGS VEGETABLES FARM is a start-up company. The company will carry out high turnover commercial vegetables production in Net-houses and Greenhouses using both the open field and hydroponic farming technique and marketing of high quality produce to a mainly middle class target market.

The farm is located not far from Abuja, the Nigerian capital, and built around efficient technology and Good Agricultural Practices. It will also help in the development, training and empowerment of skilled and semi-skilled staff in the area of modern, sustainable and Good Agricultural Practices.

While Agriculture comprises about 40% of Nigeria’s GDP, and employs over 70% of its productive labor force, only 40% of its over 84 million hectares of arable land is cultivated. Consequently agriculture needs to be economically viable by balancing between efficient and productive agricultural enterprise and environmental protection and sustainability.

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Read more about MIGS company in the document that opens when you press the link below:

MIGS company presentation

The document covers the following subjects:

  • Company presentation
  • Vision/Mission
  • Main revenue streams
  • 12- ­36 months objectives
  • How does your business contribute to a flourishing local community?
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Missional
  • Financial performance
  • Risk Analysis
    • Fire
    • Diseases and pests
    • Security
    • Corruption
  • Details of the loan


Latest Newsletter


Archived Newsletters

News letter from MIGS where the foundation now is laid for the green house and net house, see MIGS VEGETABLES FARM UPDATE 2015-12-18

News letter from MIGS where the construction work is almost finishded and 15.000 plants have been planted, the first ones are now sprouting, see Newsletter MIGS Vegetables Farm – 2016-03-29

MIGS newsletter from December 2016 where we can enjoy growing business even if it is still in a start-up phase, see Vegetable farm update- 2016Q4


2015-12-23 Naventure's investors have so far invested 500 kSEK which has covered the cost of the greenhouse and to put them in place, but MIGS needs another 200 kSEK for the purchase of seedlings, planting beds, staff salaries, etc. until revenue comes from plantations in late spring 2016
2016-03-25 Construction is almost finished and the cladding is planned to be done within the near future. Seeds to 15.000 plants have been planted a few weeks ago and are now sprouting. Expected harvest in June/July