Globe Cab Services Ltd is a transport & logistic company. It provides transportation and logistics services to companies and individuals. It is aiming to become the leading and most dependable transport company amongst; members of the International NGO community within Nigeria, individuals and tourists, government departments & agencies.

The main revenue stream are currently, vehicle rentals (offering car with driver) and customers and conference logistic.

The competitive edge is to offer these services with well trained and dedicated drivers in well maintained vehicles to not only facilitate the movement of the clients from place to place, but serve them in ways that contribute to their success and wellbeing in particular. Globe Cabs expresses its mission as “to contribute to the success of its clients through the provision of unparalleled professional transport and logistic services”.

Globe cabs has very high demand for its services and needs investments to increase the fleet of cars from 16 to 50 in the next 3 years. From late 2016 it is also aiming to set up a maintenance workshop.

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Read more about Globe Cabs in the document that opens when you press the link below:

Globe Cabs company presentation

The document covers the following subjects:

  • Company presentation
  • Vision/Mission
  • Main revenue streams
  • 12- ­36 months objectives
  • How does your business contribute to a flourishing local community?
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Missional
  • Financial performance
  • Risk Analysis
  • Details of the loan

Details of the loan

Minimum investment amount: 10000 SEK per investor

Total amount of requested loan: 150000 SEK

Target payback time: 1 year initially but has been extended as part of mutual agreement

Sign-up time-fram for investment: Dec 2015

Target annual interest rate: 16% (20% from Global Cabs and thereof 20% is kept by Naventure Nordic 20% as administration fee)

Reasons for applying for a loan: Acquisition of used taxi car.