The core business is production of aggregates for the construction industry, by operating a granite quarry where granite is crushed and sold to end users (contractors) for use in construction projects. Product sizes consist of 4 standard sizes, with provision for on demand sizes.

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Market situation

Infrastructure is crucial for a country’s development but with regards to Nigeria, it has a massive infrastructure deficit with 17.37 million housing deficit and 197,000kms roads with only 18% is paved, accounting for about 90% of traffic, which means there will be a big demand for the companies products for long time. Aggregates has application in the infrastructure/construction industry. Aggregates make up 94% of asphalt pavement and 80% of concrete.

Vision and mission

Vision: Outthink, Outperform
Mission Statement: We will develop and leverage local talent to out-think and outperform the competition, create targeted value for our stakeholders and make a difference in the construction materials marketplace.

Core Values:

  • Sustainability – environmental, economic and social
  • Courage to go beyond comfort zone and not afraid to fail
  • Integrity – Honest and reliable
  • Team working – Respect for others
  • Excellence through creativity and Innovation in an entrepreneurial ecosystem

Main revenue streams

Short Term

Sale of aggregates to Infrastructure/Construction projects contractors and individuals constructing own homes, from a commercial and captive on demand (contract) quarries. Helping build an ecosystem for key construction materials (aggregates, concrete, bricks and asphalt).

Medium/Long Term

  1. Concrete plant/batching
  2. Asphalt plant/batching
  3. Bricks and paving tiles
  4. Dimension stones

12-36 months objectives

The objectives over the next 3 years is underpinned by the company’s strategy of targeting the core of the construction industry – aggregates, which is the essential and major material in every infrastructure project. Quarrying aggregates unlike mining is a straight forward and efficient operation, compared to mining and is traditionally prepaid for. As a deliberate strategy, Tafauti, will focus on the production and sale of aggregates with plans for added value (concrete and asphalt batching), it does and will not engage in contracts.

 1. What impact does your business have on the world around you, can it contribute to achieve a flourishing Africa?

a. The quarry industry in the operational area are dominated by foreign companies. Tafauti will be a major indigenous player, in the industry.
b. When fully resourced, the company will directly employ about 35 people and we have a deliberate policy to consider qualified people in the neighboring communities. All staff except one will reside in the community.
c. A graduate trainee engineer scheme will help build human capital.
d. Development of talent pipeline and Mentoring.
e. Products distributorship and outsourcing of some services will be offered to competent members of the host communities.
f. A deliberate effort to support human capital capacity building through scholarships and camps.
g. Construction and maintenance of a 1.45 km access road, opening up the area for future development.

2. Environmental Sustainability: Our environmental safety commitments are:

a. Operate in an environmentally sustainable way. An environmental management plan study is in process. An environmental policy on waste discharge and management will be in place and accounted for, supported by a HSE Officer.

b. All operations will be done taking cognizance of sustainable practices and an environmental monitoring plan will be in place.

c. Blasting will be designed to cause the lease environmental impact and quarry pits will be reclaimed for alternate uses at the end.

d. We plan to use solar to power floodlights at the site

3. Community commitment:

  • Operating based on biblical principles in the marketplace
  • Harcourt NAV ministry center project (staff housing and office facility) and Workplace ministry and NAV staff support.
  • Calvary Ministry (CAPRO ) missionaries, reaching the unreached in frontier areas.
  • Workplace ministry in the company and community


Detailed company presentation

Read the details about Tafauti Infrastructure in the document at the link:


The document has the following content by chapters:

  • Company presentation
  • Vision/Mission
  • Main revenue streams
  • 12- ­36 months objectives
  • How does your business contribute to a flourishing local community?
    • Environmental sustainability
    • Missional
  • Financial performance
  • Risk Analysis
  • Details of the loan
  • Q&A

Details about the loan

In February, the company received loans of SEK 360,000, distributed by Naventure Nordic. The operation started with an assignment to crush stone in connection with the development of a land area in Abuja. It provided early earnings that enabled further investment before the start of the quarry business in May. See also the video-clip from operations in April Crushers at work

Development looks positive for Tafauti Infrastructure Nigeria Ltd.

Conditions for this loan (No 2):
Minimum investment amount: SEK 10,000 per investor
Sign-up time-frame for investment: June 25 to July 15, 2018
Size of the requested loan: In this round SEK 500,000
Refund period: 5 years
Annual interest rate: 13%

Reason for loan application: As planned, the company needs to purchase additional equipment for not having to hire the machines at a significantly higher cost, and then planning to buy a excavator and a warehouse with spare parts.